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Question 1: Holiday Magic is used as an example in graduate level ________ coursework to analyze the nature of corporate scams.
Criminal justiceLawCrimePolice

Question 2: The ________ filed suit against Holiday Magic, in December 1972.
Sacramento, CaliforniaCaliforniaSan Jose, CaliforniaLos Angeles

Question 3: Holiday Magic was a multi-level marketing organization, founded in 1964, by William Penn Patrick (1930–1973) in the ________.
AlaskaUnited StatesPhilippinesCanada

Question 4: Larry Stephen Huff, another key individual in the company, served two years in a Federal Prison, for charges related to a ________ (unrelated to Holiday Magic).
Coin rolling scamsAdvance-fee fraudConfidence trickPonzi scheme

Question 5: Patrick, a student of ________ (founder of Mind Dynamics), used Mind Dynamics techniques as well as the Silva Mind Control Method in the Holiday Magic organization.
Alexander EverettLeadership DynamicsExtrasensory perceptionHuman Potential Movement

Question 6: Holiday Magic is cited as an example in graduate level coursework on ________ and law journals.
Restorative justicePoliceCrimeCriminal justice

Question 7: Nocera pleaded guilty to ________, in the case United States v. Nocera, et al. (unrelated to Holiday Magic).
PerjuryInsider tradingEmbezzlementSecurities fraud

Question 8: In 1964, after a bankruptcy and several business failures, Patrick (age 33) was walking by a garage in ________, and noted that fruit-scented cosmetics were being sold.
Marin County, CaliforniaSausalito, CaliforniaSan Rafael, CaliforniaMill Valley, California

Question 9: Originally the organization distributed goods such as home-care products and ________.
CosmeticsL'OréalHair removalNivea

Question 10: Company distributors were encouraged to recruit other distributors in a ________ structure, which was later characterized as a pyramid scheme.
Marketing ethicsMulti-level marketingAdvertisingDirect marketing


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