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Question 1: A ________ tradition is the capping stunt, where university students perpetrate a hoax upon an unsuspecting population.
New ZealandAustraliaUnited KingdomNauru

Question 2: A hoax differs from a magic trick or from fiction (books, theatre, ________, television, etc,) in that the audience is unaware of being deceived, whereas in watching a magician perform an illusion the audience expects to be tricked.
MicrowaveAmateur radioRadioRadio broadcasting

Question 3: Computer ________ became widespread as viruses themselves began to spread.
Virus hoaxMalwareOlympic Torch (virus hoax)Macintosh

Question 4: On Saturday 13 March 2010 the Imedi television station in Georgia broadcast a false announcement that ________ had invaded Georgia.
MoscowRussiaUnited StatesRussian culture

Question 5: The acts are traditionally executed near ________.
Academic dressGraduationAcademic degreeCollege

Question 6: A typical hoax is an email message warning recipients of a non-existent threat, usually quoting spurious authorities such as Microsoft and ________.
General ElectricHewlett-PackardIntel CorporationIBM

Question 7: Many hoaxes are motivated by a desire to ________ or educate by exposing the credulity of the public and the media or the absurdity of the target.
NovelPlay (theatre)PoetrySatire

Question 8: Deception with the intention of depriving the victim of money or valuables is fraud or a ________ rather than a hoax.
Confidence trickBlack money scamAdvance-fee fraudPonzi scheme

Question 9: The demarcation between hoaxes, fraud, tricks, fiction, rumours, and ________ is not sharp.
False flagRichard NixonDonald SegrettiBlack propaganda

Question 10: [1] For instance, the hoaxes of ________ poked fun at believers in the paranormal and alternative medicine.
PsychokinesisParapsychologyJames RandiMichael Shermer

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