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Hittites: Quiz


Question 1: The script on a monument at Boğazköy by a "People of Hattusas" discovered by William Wright in 1884 was found to match peculiar hieroglyphic scripts from ________ and Hamath in Northern Syria.

Question 2: Many modern city names in Turkey are first recorded under their Hittite names, such as Sinop and ________, reflecting the contiguity of modern Anatolia with its ancient past.

Question 3: Genesis 10 (the ________) links them to an eponymous ancestor Heth, a descendant of Ham through his son Canaan.
Sons of NoahSemiticShemJaphetic

Question 4: His book about his discovery was printed in ________ in 1917, under the title The Language of the Hittites; Its Structure and Its Membership in the Indo-European Linguistic Family.

Question 5: [6] Nevertheless, the Hittites continued to refer to the language that originated in these areas as ________.
Iranian peoplesLuwian languageAnatolian languagesArmenian language

Question 6: But the Hittites were famous for their skill in building and using ________.
Ancient historyChariotRatha2nd millennium BC

Question 7: The kingdom even managed to sack ________ at one point, but made no attempt to govern there, enabling the Kassite to rise to prominence and rule for over 400 years.
MesopotamiaBabyloniaBabylonAkkadian Empire

Question 8: Civil war and rivalling claims to the throne, combined with the external threat of the ________ weakened the Hittites and by 1160 BC, the Empire had collapsed.
CanaanPhilistinesBronze Age collapseSea Peoples

Question 9: While it has been argued that Hittite culture and language developed locally in ________,[18][19] it has been far more common to view the Hittites and their ways as intrusive.
AnatoliaTurkish peopleTurkeyIstanbul

Question 10: The term "Hittites" was taken from the KJV (King James Version) translation of the ________, translating חתי HTY, or בני-חת BNY-HT "Children of Heth".
Old TestamentTanakhDeuterocanonical booksHebrew Bible

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