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Question 1: Also, if a hit ball is caught in the air by a fielder while the runners are in motion (making an out in the process), a ________—or, in much rarer instances, a triple play—can be made.
Walk-off home runDouble playAssist (baseball)Strikeout

Question 2: Most of the 15 ________ in Major League Baseball history have occurred during hit and run plays with runners on first and second bases.
Run (baseball)Unassisted triple playHome runWalk-off home run

Question 3: A hit and run is a play in ________ in which the baserunners are in motion before the ball is hit and the batter attempts to make contact with the pitch.
Baseball awardsSoftballBaseballTown ball

Question 4: If the batter does not make contact, then the runner is left to attempt a ________ on his own, and he may be caught.
Run (baseball)Bunt (baseball)Stolen baseStrikeout


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