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Question 1: The gods and goddesses from the ancient mythologies represented different aspects of the human psyche, figures from religions represented different ________, and history, like the other sources, represented a dialectic or play of ideas.
René DescartesIdeaGottfried LeibnizMartin Heidegger

Question 2: History painting, as formulated in 1667 by André Félibien, a historiographer, architect and theoretician of French ________, was in the hierarchy of genres considered to be the grand genre.
Immanuel KantFriedrich SchillerTragedyClassicism

Question 3: These include paintings with religious, ________, historical, literary, or allegorical subjects--they embodied some interpretation of life or conveyed a moral or intellectual message.
MythologyMyth and ritualGreek mythologyReligion and mythology

Question 4: In other nations, such movements as the ________ in England focused on subjects from national literature and myth, rather than classical subjects.
RomanticismRealism (visual arts)Academic artPre-Raphaelite Brotherhood

Question 5: Although ________ refused to purchase the work, West succeeded both in overcoming his critics' objections and inaugurating a more historically accurate style in such paintings.
George II of Great BritainGeorge IV of the United KingdomGeorge III of the United KingdomWilliam IV of the United Kingdom

Question 6: For a long time, especially during the French Revolution, history painting often focused on depiction of the heroic male nude; though this waned into the ________.
Romanticism18th century19th centuryEugène Delacroix


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