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History of video game consoles (second generation): Quiz


Question 1: Nevertheless, Atari held exclusive rights to most of the popular ________ conversions of the day, and used this key segment to support their older hardware in the market.
Personal computer gameVideo game genresVideo gameArcade game

Question 2: The first ________ with interchangeable cartridges was the Microvision designed by Smith Engineering, and distributed and sold by Milton-Bradley in 1979.
PlayStation PortableNintendo DSHandheld game consoleNintendo DSi

Question 3: As of 2004, the ________ has sold 30 million units.
Atari 2600Atari 7800Atari 2800Atari 5200

Question 4: It sold under this name until the ________, and then disappeared around 1985.
History of video game consoles (fifth generation)History of video game consoles (second generation)North American video game crash of 1983History of video games

Question 5: ________ Electronics released this same game console as the Philips G7000 in many European countries.
ING GroupTomTomHeineken InternationalPhilips

Question 6: When Atari released their VCS the next year, Fairchild quickly re-named it to the ________.
Atari 2600IntellivisionAtari 5200Fairchild Channel F

Question 7: This need for price parity has influenced every ________ since.
Console warsVideo game consoleMega DriveWii

Question 8: With games now consisting of ________ based code, these games were burned onto ROM chips that were mounted inside plastic cartridge casings that could be plugged into slots on the console.
Central processing unitMicroprocessorReduced instruction set computer64-bit

Question 9: By the mid-1970s cartridges had returned with the move to ________ based consoles.
Microprocessor64-bitCentral processing unitReduced instruction set computer

Question 10: The ________ was the dominant console for much of the second generation, with other consoles such as the Intellivision, Odyssey 2, and ColecoVision also enjoying market share.
Atari 5200Atari 7800Atari 2600Atari 2800


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