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History of the harpsichord: Quiz


Question 1: At the peak of its development, the harpsichord lost favor to the ________.
VibraphonePianoTimpaniPercussion instrument

Question 2: Starting around the middle of the century, the authenticist approach was given new impetus by the work of the builders Frank Hubbard and William Dowd, working in ________, and Martin Skowroneck, working in Bremen, Germany.
DenverBostonMassachusettsPhoenix, Arizona

Question 3: A number of important 20th century composers, such as ________, wrote works for the early, heavy-framed revival harpsichords.
Jean CocteauFrancis PoulencGermaine TailleferreErik Satie

Question 4: An early authenticist was Arnold Dolmetsch, working early in the century in ________ in England.
SurreyEast SussexHampshireHertfordshire

Question 5: Harpsichord building in England only achieved great distinction in the 18th century with the work of two immigrant makers, Jacob Kirckman (from ________) and Burkat Shudi (from Switzerland).

Question 6: The earliest complete harpsichords still preserved come from ________, the oldest specimen being dated to 1521.

Question 7: ________, article "Harpsichord".
Grove Dictionary of Music and MusiciansIgor StravinskyAnne MidgetteNew Grove Dictionary of Opera

Question 8: Towards the end of the historical period larger and more elaborate Italian instruments were built, notably by ________ (who later invented the piano).
Bartolomeo CristoforiSpinettoneItalyOval spinet

Question 9: A major innovation in harpsichord construction took place in Flanders some time around 1580 with the work of ________ and his descendants, including Ioannes Couchet.
AntwerpPascal TaskinRuckersVirginals

Question 10: Visually, the instruments are considered very impressive, boasting a great deal of veneering and ________.
Cabinet makingMarquetryLapidaryIntarsia


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