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History of the formation of the United Kingdom: Quiz


Question 1: Alienated by British Protestant domination and frightened by the rhetoric of the English and Scottish Parliaments, a small group of Irish conspirators launched the ________, ostensibly in support of the "King's Rights".
Northern IrelandIrelandIrish Rebellion of 1641History of Ireland

Question 2: Despite assistance from France the ________ was put down by British forces.
Republic of IrelandIrish Rebellion of 1798IrelandHistory of Ireland

Question 3: About 210,000 Irishmen fought for the United Kingdom in ________, at a time when Ireland was the only home nation where conscription was not in force.
Western Front (World War I)Caucasus CampaignWorld War IArmenian Genocide

Question 4: ________ of both currencies occurred simultaneously on Decimal Day in 1971.
Pound sterlingCent (currency)DecimalisationMalta

Question 5: In 1921, a treaty was concluded between the British Government and the leaders of the ________.
Irish Free StateIrish RepublicÉamon de ValeraIrish general election, 1918

Question 6: The ________ broke out in 1642.
English ReformationEnglandEnglish Civil WarEnglish people

Question 7: From the mid-16th and into the early 17th century, Crown governments carried out a policy of ________ known as Plantations.

Question 8: In 1155 Pope ________ issued the papal bull Laudabiliter giving the Norman King Henry II of England lordship over Ireland.
Pope Innocent IIPope Honorius IVPope Alexander IVPope Adrian IV

Question 9: After the ________, Irish Catholics were barred from voting or attending the Irish Parliament.
Northern IrelandIrish Rebellion of 1641Irish peopleHistory of Ireland

Question 10: Under the Penal Laws no Irish Catholic could sit in the ________, even though some 90% of Ireland's population was native Irish Catholic when the first of these bans was introduced in 1691.
Irish Houses of ParliamentHistory of IrelandKingdom of IrelandParliament of Ireland


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