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History of the book: Quiz


Question 1: ________ books were in the form of a scroll of several sheets pasted together, for a total length of up to 10 meters or even more.
PapyrusAncient EgyptEgyptOxyrhynchus Papyri

Question 2: Finally, the ________ lowered production and distribution costs, as did printing at the end of the Middle Ages.
InternetWorld Wide WebE-mailInternet Relay Chat

Question 3: In the eleventh century, a blacksmith, Pi Cheng, invented ________, but woodblock printing remained the main technique for books, possibly because of the poor quality of the ink.
TypographyLetterpress printingMovable typeTypeface

Question 4: There is also the creation of royal ________: by Saint Louis and Charles V for example.
LibraryItalyIslamic Golden AgeBook

Question 5: It may serve to confirm the values of a political system, as during the reign of the emperor ________, who skillfully surrounded himself with great authors.
Roman EmperorTiberiusDomitianAugustus

Question 6: 1581: Ostrog Bible, first complete printed edition of the Bible in ________
Serbo-Croatian languageOld Church SlavonicCroatian languageMacedonian language

Question 7: The ________ outside of the monastery really develops in these university-cities in Europe in this time.
BookIlluminated manuscriptEnglandManuscript culture

Question 8: Usually these tablets were used for everyday purposes (accounting, notes) and for teaching writing to children, according to the methods discussed by ________ in his Institutio Oratoria X Chapter 3.
AugustusQuintilianTacitusRoman Empire

Question 9: ________ further improved access to information.
HyperlinkWorld Wide WebHypertext fictionHypertext

Question 10: Stones could be the most ancient form of writing, but ________ would be the first medium to take the guise of a book.
WoodPlant stemFlowering plantSeed


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