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History of the ambulance: Quiz


Question 1: Eventually, this experiment became the ________.
Toll AviationRegional Express AirlinesRoyal Flying Doctor Service of AustraliaSkywest Airlines

Question 2: There is evidence of forced transport of those with psychiatric problems or ________ in ancient times.

Question 3: The first record of an ambulance was probably a hammock based cart constructed around 900 AD by the ________.
Anglo-SaxonsGermanic peoplesFrisiansAngles

Question 4: The history of the ________ begins in ancient times, with the use of carts to transport incurable patients by force.
Emergency medical servicesParamedicEmergency medical dispatcherAmbulance

Question 5: Ambulance design is still evolving, largely due to the growing skills and role of ________ and other ambulance crew, which require specialist equipment.
Advanced life supportParamedicEmergency medical servicesEmergency medical technician

Question 6: The ________ used a litter suspended between horses on two poles.
EnglandNormandyCnut the GreatNormans

Question 7: The first record of ambulances being used for emergency purposes was the use by ________, in 1487.
Ferdinand II of AragonIsabella I of CastileJoanna of CastileIsabella, Princess of Asturias (1470–1498)

Question 8: Larrey subsequently developed similar services for Napoleon's other armies, and adapted his ambulances to the conditions, including developing a litter which could be carried by a camel for a campaign in ________.

Question 9: A major change in usage of ambulances in battle came about with the ambulance volantes designed by ________ (1766–1842), Napoleon Bonaparte’s chief physician.
FranceBordeauxLyonDominique Jean Larrey

Question 10: In civilian ambulances, a major advance was made with the introduction of a transport carriage for ________ patients in London in 1832.
Plague (disease)Typhoid feverCholeraVibrio cholerae


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