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History of the United States House of Representatives: Quiz


Question 1: The plan drew the support of delegates from large states such as Virginia, ________, and Pennsylvania, as it called for representation based on population.
ConnecticutMaineRhode IslandMassachusetts

Question 2: In particular, committee chairmen remained particularly strong in both houses until the rules reforms of the ________.

Question 3: [1] ________, an American Lutheran minister and politician, was the first Speaker of the United States House of Representatives.
Jonathan DaytonFrederick MuhlenbergNathaniel MaconGalusha A. Grow

Question 4: After the beginning of the ________ and the New Deal, the Democrats controlled the House from 1931 to 1994, with two exceptions (1946 and 1952), as the New Deal Coalition was successful.
Great DepressionDemocratic Party (United States)Federal Reserve SystemRepublican Party (United States)

Question 5: The House began work on April 1, 1789, when it achieved a ________ for the first time.
CommitteeCensureParliamentary procedureQuorum

Question 6: The most important leader was long-time Democratic Speaker ________.
Carl AlbertSam RayburnJim WrightPrice Daniel

Question 7: ________'s Virginia Plan called for a bicameral Congress; the lower house would be elected directly by the people, and the upper house would be elected by the lower house.
James MadisonThomas JeffersonAlexander HamiltonJames Monroe

Question 8: When the King failed to respond, and the ________ began in April 1775, the Second Continental Congress was convened—this time with thirteen colonies in attendance.
Saratoga campaignNew York and New Jersey campaignUnited StatesAmerican Revolutionary War

Question 9: The early ________ witnessed the rise of party leadership in both houses of Congress.
19th century20th century events21st century20th century

Question 10: The Republicans under ________ returned to a majority in the election of 1994, as part of the Republican Revolution that gave the party both houses and a majority of governorships that year.
John William McCormackNewt GingrichTip O'NeillNancy Pelosi


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