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History of the Royal Navy: Quiz


Question 1: The ________ became known as a testing ground for the new technologies of steam and shell.
Russian Civil WarRusso-Turkish War (1877–1878)Great Northern WarCrimean War

Question 2: The details are that the English ships—which also bore Frisians—intercepted a number of Danish ships which had been ravaging ________ and the Isle of Wight.

Question 3: What does the following picture show?

  Sir Francis Drake
  Sir Francis Drake
  HMS Invincible, one of the Royal Navy's flagships during the Falklands War
  Royal Navy ships in the Persian Gulf during 1998

Question 4: The first known dry dock was constructed at ________ in 1495.
Reading, BerkshireSouthamptonPortsmouthBrighton and Hove

Question 5: When Prime Minister ________ held out against another large programme of naval construction in 1894, he found himself alone, and resigned.
Benjamin DisraeliWilliam Ewart GladstoneH. H. AsquithDavid Lloyd George

Question 6: ________ attempted to blockade Scotland, but ineffectively.
Edward I of EnglandRichard II of EnglandEdward II of EnglandEdward III of England

Question 7: During the War of 1812 the Royal Navy's blockade of the US Atlantic ports was coordinated from Bermuda and Halifax, ________.
Newfoundland and LabradorCanadaNova ScotiaBritish Columbia

Question 8: However, ________ has traditionally been recognized as the "founder of the navy".
Alfred the GreatÆthelred the UnreadyEdward the ElderCnut the Great

Question 9: The Seven Years' War (1756-65) began somewhat inauspiciously for the Navy, with a French siege of Minorca and the failure of Admiral ________ to relieve it; he was executed on his own quarterdeck.
James Gambier, 1st Baron GambierJohn ByngHugh PalliserJohn Campbell (Royal Navy officer)

Question 10: For ________ the RN and RCN supplied 958 of the 1213 warships and three quarters of the 4000 landing craft.
Battle for CaenOperation OverlordOperation PerchNormandy Landings

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