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History of the Papacy: Quiz


Question 1: In 1378 the conclave elected an Italian from Naples, ________.
Pope Boniface IXPope Alexander VIPope Urban VIPope Clement VI

Question 2: Justinian I conquered the Italian peninsula in the Gothic War (535–554) and appointed the next three popes, a practice that would be continued by his successors and later be delegated to the ________.
ItalyByzantine EmpireExarchate of RavennaKingdom of the Lombards

Question 3: The Byzantine Papacy was a period of Byzantine domination of the papacy from 537 to 752, when popes required the approval of the Byzantine Emperor for episcopal consecration, and many popes were chosen from the apocrisiarii (liaisons from the pope to the emperor) or the inhabitants of ________, Syria, or Sicily.
FrangokratiaAncient GreeceRoman GreeceByzantine Greece

Question 4: The ________ was purported to be the legal document in which the Emperor Constantine donated to Sylvester, the Bishop of Rome (314-335), much of his property and invested him with great spiritual power and authority.
Byzantine EmpireConstantine IDonation of ConstantinePapal States

Question 5: ________ (590-604) was a major figure in asserting papal primacy and gave the impetus to missionary activity in northern Europe, including England.
Catholic ChurchPope John Paul IIPope John XXIIIPope Gregory I

Question 6: Under Celestine I, the Church disputes in Africa with the Donatists were put on the front burner, a fight largely undertaken by ________.
Augustine of HippoAnselm of CanterburyBlaise PascalThomas Aquinas

Question 7: Instead, perhaps believing the fiction revealed in the forged ________, he handed over large areas of central Italy to the pope and his successors.
Donation of ConstantineConstantine IRomePapal States

Question 8: The ________, signed on July 20, 1933, between Germany and the Holy See remains the most important and controversial of Pacelli's concordats.
Pope Pius XIIWeimar RepublicReichskonkordatCentre Party (Germany)

Question 9: ________ proclaimed that he would respect Vatican neutrality.
Nazi PartyNazi GermanySchutzstaffelAdolf Hitler

Question 10: The Lateran treaty included a political treaty, which created the state of the Vatican City and guaranteed full and independent sovereignty to the ________.
Holy SeePopeCatholic ChurchSt. Peter's Basilica

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