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History of the Orthodox Church: Quiz


Question 1: In 863, a mission from the Patriarch of Constantinople converted King ________ to Christianity.
Boris I of BulgariaSamuel of BulgariaSimeon I of BulgariaIvan Alexander of Bulgaria

Question 2: The ________ of 1898–1900 saw violent attacks on Chinese converts to Christianity.
Russo-Turkish War (1877–1878)Boxer RebellionKorean WarSpanish–American War

Question 3: Orthodoxy in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Jordan, Syria, Iran, Iraq, ________, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan (see Melkite and Kurdish Christians).
Non-Aligned MovementNATOAfghanistanCentral Intelligence Agency

Question 4: Currently both the OCA and ________ are now in communion with the Patriarch of Moscow.
Orthodox Ohrid ArchbishopricRussian Orthodox ChurchBulgarian Orthodox ChurchRussian Orthodox Church Outside Russia

Question 5: ________ charged that this teaching of Nestorius implied that there had been in fact two Jesus Christs; one Christ was a man born of the virgin Mary and the other was divine and not born but also Jesus Christ.
John ChrysostomBasil of CaesareaCyril of AlexandriaAthanasius of Alexandria

Question 6: The second Hagia Sophia would become the center of the ecclesiastical community for the rulers of the Eastern Roman Empire or ________.

Question 7: When Rastislav, the King of ________, asked Byzantine church for teachers who could minister to the Moravians in their own language, Byzantine emperor Michael III chose two brothers, Constantine and Methodius for the task.
HungaryBratislavaSlovakiaGreat Moravia

Question 8: Since the fall of the Ottoman Empire, the ________ has been engaged in a struggle between rejoining the mainland Church of Greece, being reunited with the Turkish Empire and independence.
Ecumenical Patriarchate of ConstantinopleRussian Orthodox ChurchGeorgian Orthodox ChurchChurch of Cyprus

Question 9: The ________ (by battle, massacre, flooding, and famine) of the Mongol wars of conquest is placed at about 40 million according to some sources.
List of wars and disasters by death tollList of accidents and disasters by death tollThe HolocaustEthnic cleansing

Question 10: Serbia is famed for its monasteries and churches most of which are located in ________.
AlbaniaKosovoBosnia and HerzegovinaMontenegro


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