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History of the Maldives: Quiz


Question 1: In ________ Maldives joined the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

Question 2: In the ________, 1988, and 1993 elections, Gayoom received more than 90 % of the vote.

Question 3: Beginning in the 1950s, political history in ________ was largely influenced by the British military presence in the islands.
East TimorCyprusMaldivesPhilippines

Question 4: Thus, fifteen years later, a local leader named Muhammad Thakurufaanu Al-Azam and his brother organized a popular revolt and drove the Portuguese out of ________.
MaldivesEast TimorCyprusPhilippines

Question 5: Arab interest in Maldives also was reflected in the residence there in the 1340s of the well-known North African traveler ________.
Al-AndalusAlmohad dynastyIbn BattutaMorocco

Question 6: Whereas the ________ and 1983 coup attempts against Gayoom's presidency were not considered serious, the third coup attempt in November 1988 alarmed the international community.

Question 7: Even today, many mosques in ________ face the sun and not Mecca.
MaldivesCyprusEast TimorPhilippines

Question 8: Since then, new archaeological discoveries point to ________ and Vajrayana Buddhist influences, which are likely to have come to the islands straight from the Subcontinent.
BuddhismMahayanaMahayana sutrasBuddhist texts

Question 9: The ________ coup had been masterminded and sponsored by a few disgruntled businessmen, chiefly Sikka Ahmed Ismail Maniku and Abdulla Luthufi, who were operating a farm in Sri Lanka.

Question 10: One year later the Suvadive republic was scrapped and Abdulla Afif went into exile to the ________, where he died recently.


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