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History of the Latter Day Saint movement: Quiz


Question 1: The bulk of ________'s church had dissolved by 1847, but some loyalists reorganized as The Church of Jesus Christ under the leadership of William Bickerton in 1862.
Joseph Smith, Jr.Amasa LymanBrigham YoungSidney Rigdon

Question 2: Not only was he one of the Three Witnesses of the ________, he had also attempted to translate part of those plates, presumably using Smith's Urim and Thummim.
Joseph Smith, Jr.First VisionOliver CowderyGolden plates

Question 3: Joseph Smith reportedly used seer stones, which he used after his ________ of Jesus Christ.
Joseph Smith, Jr.Golden platesFirst VisionOliver Cowdery

Question 4: Later elaborations indicate Smith was told that all Christian denominations had become corrupt, and further indicate that Smith saw multiple heavenly beings, including both Jesus and ________.
TrinityBiblical canonGod the FatherHoly Spirit

Question 5: (See Book of Mormon, preface) Another Eight Witnesses wrote that Joseph Smith, Jr. showed them the plates himself (Id.) The resulting writings were published in March 1830 as the ________.
Historical authenticity of the Book of MormonBook of MormonCriticism of religionChristianity

Question 6: These secrets were threatened to be released in a newspaper called the ________.
Joseph Smith, Jr.IllinoisUnited States ConstitutionNauvoo Expositor

Question 7: While these restorationist ideas were circulating in the western frontier, the family of ________ was living in western New York, where they attended many of the local revivals.
Hyrum SmithSidney RigdonBrigham YoungJoseph Smith, Jr.

Question 8: 1, 1834.) In 1835, Smith and Cowdery stated that the angel was ________, and that the "Holy Priesthood" was specifically the Priesthood of Aaron".
John the BaptistJesusYahya ibn ZakariyyaZechariah (priest)

Question 9: Having planted this initial colony in the ________, Young returned to Winter Quarters and in December 1847 reorganized his faction of the church, establishing himself as the head of a new First Presidency.
Pacific NorthwestGreat PlainsGreat BasinWestern United States

Question 10: Other leaders, including ________, James Collin Brewster, James Emmett, Gladden Bishop, William Smith, and Charles B.
Oliver CowderyJoseph Smith, Jr.Martin Harris (Latter Day Saints)David Whitmer


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