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History of the Latin alphabet: Quiz


Question 1: Most of the rest of Asia used a variety of Brahmic alphabets or the ________.
KanjiChinese characterSimplified Chinese charactersChinese language

Question 2: ________, under French rule, adapted the Latin alphabet for use with the Vietnamese language, which had previously used Chinese characters.
East TimorVietnamPapua New GuineaPhilippines

Question 3: The Latin alphabet spread from ________, along with the Latin language, to the lands surrounding the Mediterranean Sea with the expansion of the Roman Empire.

Question 4: For the Latin sounds represented by the various letters see Latin spelling and pronunciation; for the names of the letters in English see ________.
English alphabetDiacriticLatin alphabetTypographic ligature

Question 5: In the ________ all those alphabets were replaced by Cyrillic.
19451950s1940sWorld War II

Question 6: In the 1970s, the People's Republic of China developed an official transliteration of ________ into the Latin alphabet, called Pinyin which is used to aid children and foreigers in learning the pronunciation of Chinese characters.
Standard MandarinChinese languageCantonese (Yue)Mandarin Chinese

Question 7: ________, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan have officially adopted the Latin alphabet for Azeri, Uzbek, and Turkmen, respectively.

Question 8: The languages of ________ Slavs generally use Cyrillic instead which is much closer to the Greek alphabet.
ChristianityOrthodox ChurchEast–West SchismEastern Christianity

Question 9: The lower case (minuscule) letters developed in the Middle Ages from New Roman Cursive writing, first as the ________ script, and later as minuscule script.
BlackletterCapital letterUncial scriptTypeface

Question 10: See also: ________, Insular script, Uncial, Scribal abbreviation
CharlemagneBlackletterCalligraphyCarolingian minuscule


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