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History of the Jews in the Land of Israel: Quiz


Question 1: In the Jewish faith, the emigration of the Israelites from Egypt to ________ (the Exodus), led by the prophet Moses, marks the formation of the Israelites as a people.
Ancient historyCanaanPalestinian territoriesQatna

Question 2: His disciple ________ authored Sefer Pardes Rimonim, an organized, exhaustive compilation of kabbalistic teachings on a variety of subjects up to that point.
ZoharMoses ben Jacob CordoveroIsaac LuriaKabbalah

Question 3: In 1577, A Hebrew ________ is established in Safed.
Movable typeJohannes GutenbergBookPrinting press

Question 4: Nahmanides died after having passed the age of seventy-six, and his remains were interred at ________, by the grave of Yechiel of Paris.
JerusalemTel AvivIsraelHaifa

Question 5: After the subsequent conquest of Babylonia by the Persians, some of the exiles returned to their homeland, led by prophets ________ and Nehemiah.

Question 6: Their direct descendants respectively divided into twelve tribes, who were enslaved under the rule of an Egyptian ________.
HatshepsutPharaohAhmose IAmenhotep III

Question 7: War and uprisings, bloodshed and destruction followed ________.
Thomas AquinasMaimonidesAverroesSoul

Question 8: The Romans destroyed much of the ________ and, according to some accounts, stole artifacts from the temple, such as the Menorah.
Yemenite JewsChristianity and JudaismTemple in JerusalemJewish holiday

Question 9: Their arrival encouraged an ________ revival in Jerusalem, whose Jewish community until this time was mostly Sephardi.
JewsJewish ethnic divisionsSephardi JewsAshkenazi Jews

Question 10: Construction of the ________ was completed under the leadership of the Prophets Haggai,Zechariah and Malachi with Persian approval.
Second Temple of JerusalemKohen GadolSolomon's TempleBar Kokhba revolt


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