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History of the Jews in Russia: Quiz


Question 1: The description of the ________ massacre was officially censored as follows:[40]
Babi YarOtto OhlendorfFelix LandauFriedrich Jeckeln

Question 2: The Caucasian Mountain Jews, also known as Tats or Dagchufuts, live mostly in Israel and the USA, with a scattered population in Dagestan and ________.

Question 3: More controversially, the Soviet media, when depicting political events, sometimes used the term '________' to characterise Israeli nationalism (e.g.
TotalitarianismNazismItalian FascismFascism

Question 4: For example, after the liberation of ________ from the Nazi occupation, the Extraordinary State Commission (Чрезвычайная Государственная Комиссия) was set out to investigate Nazi crimes.

Question 5: For much the same reason, many non-Russians, notably Latvians or ________, were disproportionately represented in the party leaderships.
PolesPolish languagePoloniaPoland

Question 6: The systematic policy of ________ banned Jews from rural areas and towns of fewer than ten thousand people, even within the Pale, assuring the slow death of many shtetls.
AgeismRacial segregationRacismDiscrimination

Question 7: Based on the theory of the Third Rome, it was believed that the Tsar ruled the only rightful, practically independent Orthodox state, surrounded by ________ and Roman Catholic states.

Question 8: After settling in Poland (later Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth) and Hungary (later ________), the population expanded into the lightly populated areas of Ukraine and Lithuania, which were to become part of the expanding Russian empire.
German EmpireHoly Roman EmpireOttoman EmpireAustria–Hungary

Question 9: In the late 1980s and early 1990s, many Soviet Jews took advantage of liberalized emigration policies, with over half their population leaving, most for ________, the United States and Germany.

Question 10:
What is the population of History of the Jews in Russia?


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