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Question 1: In 142 CE, Zhang Daoling founded the Five Pecks of Rice religious society in ________.
LuzhouSongpan CountySichuanMuli Tibetan Autonomous County

Question 2: [253] These monks allegedly translated the Sutra of Forty-two Chapters from ________ into Chinese, although it is now proven that this text was not translated into Chinese until the 2nd century CE.

Question 3: Still bitter over the death of his son and fearful that he would be targeted in a wave of reduction of kingdom sizes that Emperor Jing carried out under the advice of Imperial Counselor ________ (d.
XiongnuChao CuoQin DynastyHexi Corridor

Question 4: [6] Yet by this point others had rebelled, among them ________ (d.
Fan ZengZhang Liang (Western Han)Xiang YuChu–Han contention

Question 5: [2] With control over much of ________, he affirmed his enhanced prestige by taking the unprecedented title huangdi (皇帝), or 'emperor', known thereafter as Qin Shihuang (i.e.
XinjiangBeijingChina properHebei

Question 6: His heir apparent Liu Ying took the throne and is posthumously known as ________ (r.
Empress Lü ZhiHan DynastyEmperor Hui of HanEmperor Gaozu of Han

Question 7: Wang Mang had a grand vision to restore China to a fabled ________ achieved in the early Zhou Dynasty, the era which Confucius had idealized.
Golden AgeGreek mythologyCyclopsHera

Question 8: [169] Emperor Cheng, who was more interested in ________ and chasing after beautiful women than administering the empire, left much of the affairs of state to his relatives of the Wang clan.
ChickenCockfightUnited StatesRooster

Question 9: The Han court established trade and tributary relations with rulers as far west as the Arsacids, to whose court at Ctesiphon in ________ the Han monarchs sent envoys.
SumerBabyloniaMesopotamiaAkkadian Empire

Question 10: [171] However, when ________ (r.
Emperor Cheng of HanEmperor Ai of HanEmperor Ping of HanWang Mang


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