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History of the Catholic Church: Quiz


Question 1: His first encyclical ________ discussed love and sex in continued opposition to several other views on sexuality.
Deus Caritas EstThomas AquinasPope John Paul IIPope Benedict XVI

Question 2: A week after Christ's ascension, the Holy Spirit descended on the disciples, prompting them to proclaim the Gospels to the people of Jerusalem, who had witnessed the ________.
Crucifixion of JesusResurrection of JesusJesusChronology of Jesus

Question 3: [167] The end of the Napoleonic wars, signaled by the ________, brought Catholic revival and the return of the Papal States.
Hundred DaysFrench Revolutionary WarsPrussiaCongress of Vienna

Question 4: [41] The Roman Church retained the practice of meeting in ________ to ensure that any internal doctrinal differences were quickly resolved.
Protestant ReformationCrusadesEast–West SchismEcumenical council

Question 5: Parallel the Church attempted to fend of Gallicanism and ________, ideologies which threatened the papacy and structure of the Church.
Catholic ChurchPope Clement VIIPope John XXIIConciliarism

Question 6: On 380 Theodosius I, ________ and Valentinian II published the so called "Edict of Thessalonica" by making the Nicene Christianity the official state religion of the Roman Empire.
ValensConstantine IGratianConstantius II

Question 7: [174] During Vatican One, nine mariological petitions favoured a possible assumption dogma, which however was strongly opposed by some council fathers, especially from ________.

Question 8: [58] ________ played a notable role in these conversions and dramatically reformed the ecclesiastical structures and administration which then launched renewed missionary efforts.
Pope Gregory IPope John XXIIIPope John Paul IICatholic Church

Question 9: [20] He would continue to teach and prepare the disciples for his Ascension and for the arrival of the ________, believed to have occurred at Pentacost.
New TestamentApostle (Christian)Holy SpiritJesus

Question 10: The history of the Catholic Church is traced by the ________ back to apostolic times and thus covers a period of nearly 2,000 years,[1] making it one of the world's oldest institutions.
Pope John Paul IICatholic ChurchPope Gregory IPope

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