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History of the British Labour Party: Quiz


Question 1: ________ was a senior figure in this process, and exercised a great deal of authority in the party following the death of John Smith and the subsequent election of Tony Blair as party leader.
Jack StrawGordon BrownPeter MandelsonDavid Miliband

Question 2: When ________ for Scottish and Welsh devolution were held in March 1979, the Welsh referendum was rejected outright, and the Scottish referendum had a narrow majority in favour but did not reach the threshold of 40% support, invalidating the result.
Elections by countryReferendumBy-electionUnited Kingdom

Question 3: The ________ had caused a legacy of high inflation in the British economy which peaked at 26.9% in 1975.
PetroleumUnited StatesIran1973 oil crisis

Question 4: The Wilson and Callaghan governments attempted to combat this by entering into a ________ with the trade unions, which introduced wage restraint and limited pay rises to limits set by the government.
LiberalismPolitical philosophyDemocracySocial contract

Question 5: The role of the ILP within the Labour Party was taken up for a time by the Socialist League led by ________, until it was wound up in 1937.
Winston ChurchillHarold MacmillanStanley BaldwinStafford Cripps

Question 6: But Eden was replaced by ________, while the economy continued to improve.
Winston ChurchillMargaret ThatcherHarold MacmillanJohn Major

Question 7: Among the early acts of Tony Blair's government were the establishment of the ________.
National Minimum Wage Act 1998United Kingdom legislationEmployment Rights Act 1996Statutory Instrument (UK)

Question 8: When this was repeatedly turned down, Mosley resigned from the government in February 1931 and went on to form the New Party, and later the ________ after he converted to Fascism.
Diana MitfordOswald MosleyBritish Union of FascistsWilliam Joyce

Question 9: The remaining Labour Party, now led by ________, and a few Liberals went into opposition.
Ramsay MacDonaldJames CallaghanArthur HendersonJ. R. Clynes

Question 10: The "Gaitskellite" right of the party led by Hugh Gaitskell and associated with thinkers such as ________ wanted the party to adopt a moderate social democratic position.
Clement AttleeRamsay MacDonaldAnthony CroslandHarold Macmillan


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