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History of the Aztecs: Quiz


Question 1: The Aztecs' legendary home was Aztlan, a ________ word likely meaning "place of the heron".
Mesoamerican languagesNahua peoplesNahuatlMayan languages

Question 2: ________ - 'Angry Lord, The Younger', 9th Ruler.
Moctezuma IICuauhtémocAztec societyAztec

Question 3: He also conquered vast territories in the isthmus of Tehuantepec, and as far south as Xoconosco in present day ________.

Question 4: Some archaeological remains exist of these fortifications, for example at Oztuma in Guerrero, Quauhquechula in Puebla and the best preserved Aztec site, the one at ________ in the state of Mexico.
TepotzotlánMalinalco, Mexico StateAmecamecaOzumba

Question 5: Itzcoatl and ________ and their allies subsequently besieged Azcapotzalco, took Maxtla captive, and sacrificed him.
TepanecTexcoco (altepetl)AztecNezahualcoyotl

Question 6: During this period the Nahuan cities immediately on the lakeside such as Xochimilco, Culhuacan and ________ were also subdued.
Mexico CityMesoamerican chronologyNahuatlSan Andrés Mixquic

Question 7: [4] In an effort to defeat Maxtla Itzcoatl allied with ________, the exiled ruler of Texcoco.
NezahualcoyotlTexcoco (altepetl)TepanecIxtlilxochitl I

Question 8: In the 13th century in the ________, there existed many city-states including Chalco, Xochimilco, Tlacopan, Culhuacan, and Atzcapotzalco.
Valley of MexicoMexico CityLake TexcocoAztec

Question 9: To strengthen the Aztec nobility, he helped create and enforce ________ laws, prohibiting commoners from wearing certain adornments such as lip plugs, gold armbands, and cotton cloaks.
SilkSumptuary lawNational costumeFashion

Question 10: The first epidemic, an outbreak of ________ occurring from 1520-1521, decimated the population of Tenochtitlan and was decisive in the fall of the city.


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