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History of technology: Quiz


Question 1: Landa, Manuel de, ________, 2001.
War in the Age of Intelligent MachinesMilitary exerciseMarxismPhilosophy of history

Question 2: Coal converted to coke gave the ________ and cast iron in much larger amounts than before, and a range of structures could be created, such as The Iron Bridge.
Wrought ironSmeltingBlast furnaceSteel

Question 3:
When was the History of technology?
February 2009
April 2009
December 2009

Question 4: He was awarded one of the first ________ ever issued in order to protect an ingenious crane he designed to raise the large masonry stones to the top of the structure.
PatentPatent infringementSoftware patentPatent application

Question 5: Of particular importance for the operation of mechanical devices became the newly devised right-angled ________ and the screw.
Transmission (mechanics)Worm driveRack and pinionGear

Question 6: The later Stone Age, during which the rudiments of agricultural technology were developed, is called the ________ period.
NeolithicVinča cultureLinear Pottery cultureCucuteni-Trypillian culture

Question 7: In horizontal vertical and transport great progress resulted from the invention of the crane, the winch, the wheelbarrow and the ________.

Question 8: By 1000 BC – 500 BC, the Germanic tribes had a ________ civilization, while the Celts were in the Iron Age by the time of the Hallstatt culture.
Ancient Near EastBronze Age BritainDeverel-Rimbury cultureBronze Age

Question 9: The Neolithic Revolution involved radical changes in agricultural technology which included development of agriculture, animal ________, and the adoption of permanent settlements.
Hybrid (biology)DomesticationCattleLivestock

Question 10: The British ________ is characterized by developments in the areas of textile manufacturing, mining, metallurgy and transport driven by the development of the steam engine.
Thomas HighsWilliam RadcliffeIndustrial RevolutionTextile manufacture during the Industrial Revolution

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