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Question 1: The nigirizushi invented by Hanaya was not fermented and could be eaten using the fingers or ________.
ChopsticksEast AsiaChinese languageHokkien

Question 2: In the ________ (1336 to 1573), the process of producing Oshizushi was gradually developed where in the fermentation process was abandoned and vinegar was used.
Edo periodAzuchi–Momoyama periodKamakura periodMuromachi period

Question 3: Today the sushi dish is internationally known as "sushi" (nigirizushi; Kantō variety) is a fast food invented by Hanaya Yohei (華屋与兵衛; ________ - 1858) at the end of Edo period in today's Tokyo (Edo).
February 6February 1417991800

Question 4: Funazushi is a rare type of nare-sushi still prepared near lake Biwa, ________.
Wakayama PrefectureShiga PrefectureYamanashi PrefectureSaitama Prefecture

Question 5: For almost the next 800 years, until the early 19th century, sushi slowly changed and the ________ changed as well.
Iranian cuisineKorean cuisineJapanese cuisineVietnamese cuisine

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