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History of rail transport in Japan: Quiz


Question 1: The first trolleybus in the nation appeared in ________.

Question 2: [2] On September 12, ________, the first railway, between Shimbashi (later Shiodome) and Yokohama (present Sakuragichō) opened.

Question 3: However, the government was financially strained after the ________, making the expansion of the railway network terribly slow.
Satsuma RebellionSaga RebellionBoshin WarThe Last Samurai

Question 4: The first horsecar line in Japan was built in Tokyo, ________.

Question 5: (The date is in Tenpō calendar, October 14 in present ________).
Gregorian calendarIslamic calendarTimeJulian calendar

Question 6: In ________, it abolished all the limited express trains, first class cars, dining cars, and sleeping cars.

Question 7: ________ - Opening of first railway in Karafuto

Question 8: ________ - Promulgation of Railway Construction Act

Question 9: The war, especially ________ by United States, damaged Japanese railways heavily.
Strategic bombingStrategic bombing during World War IICivilian deaths by aerial bombingRAF Bomber Command

Question 10: ________ - Class 860 steam locomotive, first locomotive built in Japan
1893March 419771967


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