History of rail transport: Quiz

Question 1: His employee ________ produced a working model of a self propelled steam carriage in that year.
William MurdochEnglandBirminghamJames Watt

Question 2: This raised the possibility of a smaller engine, that might be used to power a vehicle, and he actually patented a design for a ________ in 1784.
4-6-24-8-4Steam locomotive4-6-4

Question 3: The ________ was the first modern railway, in that both the goods and passenger traffic was operated by scheduled or timetabled locomotive hauled trains.
Liverpool and Manchester RailwayEarlestown railway stationLiverpool to Manchester LinesManchester Victoria station

Question 4: Another early wagonway is noted at Broseley in ________ from 1605 onwards.
HerefordshireShropshireTelford and WrekinShropshire Council

Question 5: Lewis, M J T (1970), Early Wooden Railways, ________: Routledge Keegan Paul (out of print) .

Question 6: These systems, which made use of the ________, were the first practical forms of mechanized land transport, and they remained the primary form of mechanized land transport for the next 100 years.
4-6-24-6-44-8-4Steam locomotive

Question 7: Such an operation was illustrated in 1556 by ________.
EncyclopediaGeorgius AgricolaDe re metallicaMining

Question 8: In the late 1760s, the ________ Company began to fix plates of cast iron to the upper surface of the wooden rails.
ShropshireIronbridgeCoalbrookdaleBlast furnace

Question 9: Watt developed a ________, capable of powering a wheel.
Two-stroke engineReciprocating engineFour-stroke engineWankel engine

Question 10: With their long wheelbase, they were unsuccessful on Britain's winding tracks, but became popular in the USA and ________, where the popular expression became to "prendre le Crampton".
CanadaFranceUnited KingdomItaly

Source: The Full Wiki (http://quiz.thefullwiki.org/History_of_rail_transport)