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History of radio: Quiz


Question 1: In April 1909 Charles David Herrold, an electronics instructor in ________ constructed a broadcasting station.
San FranciscoSan Jose, CaliforniaSanta Clara, CaliforniaSunnyvale, California

Question 2: [10] In August 1898 he got U.S. Patent 609,154, "Electric Telegraphy", that made wireless signals using ________ or Tesla coils for the transmitter and a Branly coherer for the detector.
Nikola TeslaTransformerInduction coilSpark-gap transmitter

Question 3: Around 1900, Tesla opened the ________ facility and advertised services.
Wardenclyffe TowerTesla coilNikola TeslaAntenna (radio)

Question 4: There are varying disputed claims about who invented radio, which in the beginning was called "________".
Nikola TeslaAmateur radioWireless telegraphyMorse code

Question 5: Inventions of the ________, motor-generator, and detector enabled audio radio.
DiodeX-rayHot cathodeVacuum tube

Question 6: The New Zealander ________ was instrumental in the development of radio.
Ernest RutherfordMarie CurieJohn Strutt, 3rd Baron RayleighJ. J. Thomson

Question 7: Herrold also claims to be the first broadcaster to accept ________ (he exchanged publicity for a local record store for records to play on his station), though this dubious honour usually is foisted on WEAF (1922).
Advertising researchBrandAdvertisingProduct placement

Question 8: Early 1990s: ________ experimenters began to use personal computers with audio cards to process radio signals.
Amateur radio repeaterAmateur radioCitizens' band radioD-STAR

Question 9: ________: 1891 to 1914; 27+ patents related to the transmission of electrical energy without wires.
Alexander Graham BellNikola TeslaElectricityWardenclyffe Tower

Question 10: This patent utilizes ________ to eliminate the overhead wire used by the existing telegraph systems.
Earth's magnetic fieldLightningAtmospheric physicsAtmospheric electricity


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