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History of radar: Quiz


Question 1: There were equipment problems when the ________ (RAF) first exercised the prototype station in September 1936.
British Armed ForcesLuftwaffeRoyal Air ForceBritish Army

Question 2: The ________ includes the designations of the many types of radar and radar-related systems used by the U.S.
B-29 SuperfortressList of radarsF-16 Fighting FalconList of military electronics of the United States

Question 3: The observers included the ________, Henry A.
United States Secretary of WarWilliam Howard TaftJohn C. CalhounJames Monroe

Question 4: In 1936, Japan joined ________ and Fascist Italy in a Tripartite Pact.
NazismAdolf HitlerNazi GermanyAxis powers

Question 5: ________ was promoted to become the General of the Night Fighters and set about creating a network of Freya radar stations in a chain of cells through Holland, Belgium and France.
Josef KammhuberErwin RommelWerner MöldersAlbert Kesselring

Question 6: In the visit, the Japanese were shown some German radars and a British MRU (their earliest searchlight-control radar), left behind during the ________.
Western Front (World War II)Dunkirk evacuationOperation Sea LionOperation Market Garden

Question 7: The WSR-88D has a ________-based 2.7-3.0-GHz (S-Band) transmitter producing 170-kW peak-power into a parabolic-dish antenna.
MicrowaveElectronVacuum tubeKlystron

Question 8: ________, the American inventor of all-electronic television in 1927, contributed to this in an important way.
UtahPhilo FarnsworthUnited KingdomPhiladelphia

Question 9: Called OTH-SW (SW for Surface Wave), Russia is using such a system to monitor the ________, and Canada has a system for coastal surveillance.
Yellow SeaSea of JapanEast China SeaPacific Ocean

Question 10: In April ________, with the peak-pulse power increased to 1 kW and the antenna separation also increased, test showed a detection range of near 17 km at a height of 1.5 km.

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