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History of paleontology: Quiz


Question 1: In ancient times ________ (570-480 BC) wrote about fossil sea shells indicating that land was once under water.

Question 2: They described new geological epochs such as the ________, the Silurian, the Devonian, and the Permian.
EdiacaranGeologic time scaleCambrian explosionCambrian

Question 3: In 1841, John Phillips formally divided the geologic column into three major eras, the Paleozoic, ________, and Cenozoic, based on sharp breaks in the fossil record.
MesozoicCretaceousGeologic time scaleDinosaur

Question 4: Cuvier at first thought it was a ________, but Buckland later realized it was a primitive placental mammal.

Question 5: [40] He identified the three periods of the Mesozoic era and all the periods of the Paleozoic era except the ________.
OrdovicianSilurianGeologic time scaleCarboniferous

Question 6: He modified an idea of ________'s, which explained it in terms of vaporous exhalations.
Bertrand RussellPlatoEmpiricismAristotle

Question 7: Many of her discoveries would be described scientifically by the geologists William Conybeare, Henry De la Beche, and ________.
William BucklandCharles LyellThomas Henry HuxleyRoderick Murchison

Question 8: The expanding knowledge of the fossil record also played an increasing role in the development of geology, particularly ________.
StratigraphyGeologic time scaleSedimentary rockGeochronology

Question 9: Increasingly, at the end of the century, the results of paleontology and ________ were being brought together to reveal detailed phylogenetic trees.
Transcriptional regulationMolecular biologyEpigeneticsPost-transcriptional regulation

Question 10: In 1824, Buckland found and described a lower jaw from ________ deposits from Stonesfield.
JurassicGeologic time scaleCretaceousDinosaur


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