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History of logic: Quiz


Question 1: Ernst Mally, a pupil of ________, was the first to propose a formal deontic system in his Grundgesetze des Sollens, based on the syntax of Whitehead's and Russell's propositional calculus.
Bertrand RussellAlexius MeinongExistenceGilbert Ryle

Question 2: He is credited for categorizing logic into two separate groups, the first being "________" and the second being "proof".
Gottfried LeibnizIdeaMartin HeideggerRené Descartes

Question 3: [54] The book presents a loosely Cartesian doctrine (that the proposition is a combining of ideas rather than terms, for example) within a framework that is broadly derived from Aristotelian and medieval ________.
AristotleAlfred North WhiteheadTerm logicScholasticism

Question 4: ________
Social philosophy
Political philosophy
Applied aestheticsDavid HumeAestheticsArthur Schopenhauer

Question 5: [25] Two of the six Indian schools of thought deal with logic: ________ and Vaisheshika.
MimāṃsāNyayaAdi ShankaraHindu philosophy

Question 6: This realist school developed a rigid five-member schema of ________ involving an initial premise, a reason, an example, an application and a conclusion.
Inductive reasoningLogicInferenceAristotle

Question 7: After World War II, mathematical logic branched into four inter-related but separate areas of research: model theory, proof theory, ________, and set theory.
First-order logicComputability theoryHilary PutnamAlan Turing

Question 8: The ideas of Saul Kripke, particularly about possible worlds, and the formal system now called ________ have had a profound impact on analytic philosophy..
Modal logicAlfred TarskiFirst-order logicKripke semantics

Question 9: [15] Stoic logic traces its roots back to the late fifth century philosopher, Euclid of Megara, a pupil of ________ and slightly older contemporary of Plato.

Question 10: ________ extend the scope of formal logic to include the elements of modality (for example, possibility and necessity).
AristotleSaul KripkeModal logicWillard Van Orman Quine


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