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History of health care reform in the United States: Quiz


Question 1: However, in a June New York Times editorial, economist ________ argued that despite these estimates universal health coverage is still affordable.
Paul KrugmanJoseph StiglitzPaul SamuelsonLawrence Summers

Question 2: On the panel of the "invited stakeholder", no supporter of the ________ system was invited.
Single-payer health careHealth care reform debate in the United StatesHealth care in the United StatesUninsured in the United States

Question 3: One municipality, ________, has established a program to provide health care to all uninsured residents (Healthy San Francisco).
Los AngelesSan Jose, CaliforniaOakland, CaliforniaSan Francisco

Question 4: ________ (House of Rep's bill - H.R.
Health care reforms proposed during the Obama administrationPatient Protection and Affordable Care ActAffordable Health Care for America ActHealthy Americans Act

Question 5: They described the purpose of the McCain plan as to "make insurance more affordable," while the purpose of the Obama plan was for "more people to have health insurance."[26] ________ characterized the plans similarly.
The Des Moines RegisterUSA TodayThe Arizona RepublicMontgomery Advertiser

Question 6: Fear of organized medicine's opposition to ________ became standard for decades after the 1930s.
Health care systemUniversal health careUnited StatesUnited Kingdom

Question 7: Health care reform was a major concern of the Bill Clinton administration headed up by First Lady Hillary Clinton; however, the ________ was not enacted into law.
Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, 2008Political positions of Hillary Rodham ClintonClinton health care plan of 1993Hillary Rodham Clinton

Question 8: ________
Medicare (United States)Health insuranceComparison of Canadian and American health care systemsUniversal health care

Question 9: In July 2009, ________ passed into law a plan called SustiNet, with the goal of achieving health-care coverage of 98% of its residents by 2014.
Rhode IslandConnecticutMaineMassachusetts

Question 10: ________
Health care reform in the United StatesHealth care reform debate in the United StatesHealth care in the United StatesPublic opinion on health care reform in the United States


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