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History of gunpowder: Quiz


Question 1: describe the gunpowder technology in 18th century India, with reference to the rocket artillery used by the Kingdom of Mysore (as described in the Fathul Mujahidin) and its influence on the ________:[59]
Baker rifleStenBrown BessCongreve rocket

Question 2: The use of mines and counter-mines with explosive charges of gunpowder is mentioned for the times of ________ and Jahāngir.
Mughal EmpireAkbar the GreatHumayunBabur

Question 3: Advances in metallurgy led to portable weapons and the development of hand-held ________ such as muskets.
FirearmHandgunAssault rifleM16 rifle

Question 4: However, prior to the invention of gunpowder, many incendiary and burning devices had been used, including ________.
Byzantine navyByzantine EmpireGreek fireByzantine army

Question 5: 1582), a Persian-Indian polymath and mechanical engineer who worked for ________ in the Mughal Empire, invented the autocannon, the earliest multi-shot gun.
Akbar the GreatHumayunBaburJahangir

Question 6: Chinese gunpowder technology is believed to have arrived in India by the mid-1300s, but could have been introduced much earlier by the Mongols, who had conquered both ________ and India, perhaps as early as the mid-1200s.
Time in ChinaChinaProvince (China)Religion in China

Question 7: As opposed to the polybolos and repeating crossbows used earlier in ancient Greece and ________, respectively, Shirazi's rapid-firing gun had multiple gun barrels that fired hand cannons loaded with gunpowder.
Province (China)Time in ChinaChinaReligion in China

Question 8: During the Renaissance, two European schools of pyrotechnic thought emerged, one in Italy and the other at Nürnberg, ________.

Question 9: The same granulation process is used nowadays in the pharmaceutical industry to ensure that each ________ contains the same proportion of active ingredient.
Pill (pharmacy)TabletCapsule (pharmacy)Intraperitoneal injection

Question 10: [66] The French raiding party that sacked and burned ________ in 1338 brought with them a ribaudequin and 48 bolts (but only 3 pounds of gunpowder).
Brighton and HoveSouthamptonPortsmouthKingston upon Hull

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