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History of evolutionary thought: Quiz


Question 1: Another important line of evidence was the finding of fossils that helped trace the ________ from its small five-toed ancestors.
EquidaeEquus (genus)DonkeyEvolution of the horse

Question 2: Therefore he almost completely ignored the topic of ________ in The Origin of Species.
Human evolutionEvolutionary psychologyNeanderthalHomo

Question 3: In 1844, the Scottish publisher ________ anonymously published an extremely controversial but widely read book entitled Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation.
EdinburghRobert ChambersScotlandWilliam Chambers (publisher)

Question 4: What does the following picture show?

  Diagram by O.C. Marsh of the evolution of horse feet and teeth over time as reproduced in T.H Huxley's 1876 book Professor Huxley in America
  Plato (left) and Aristotle (right), a detail of The School of Athens
  Pierre Belon compared the skeletons of birds and humans in his Book of Birds (1555).

Question 5: Among these, transhumanists often view such technological evolution itself as a goal in their philosophy, possibly in the form of a ________.
Raymond KurzweilSimulated realityTechnological singularityAccelerating change

Question 6: [106] Advances in computational hardware and software allow the testing and extrapolation of increasingly advanced evolutionary models and the development of the field of ________.
Systems theorySystems biologySystems scienceCybernetics

Question 7: [107] One of the results has been an exchange of ideas between theories of biological evolution and the field of computer science known as evolutionary computation, which attempts to mimic biological evolution for the purpose of developing new computer ________.
AlgorithmAlan TuringTuring machineAlgorithm characterizations

Question 8: Despite these criticisms, work has continued in sociobiology and the related discipline of ________, including work on other aspects of the altruism problem.
BehaviorismCognitive psychologyEmotionEvolutionary psychology

Question 9: [104][105] These genomic analyses have produced fundamental changes in the understanding of the ________, such as the proposal of the three-domain system by Carl Woese.
Timeline of evolutionGeologic time scaleHistory of the EarthEvolutionary history of life

Question 10: [113] This transfer of genetic material between different species of bacteria was first recognized since it played a major role in the spread of ________.
Multiple drug resistanceAntibiotic resistancePharmacologyDrug resistance


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