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History of ecology: Quiz


Question 1: In any given environment (in equilibrium) there will only be one form of organization (________).
IsomorphismBinary relationVector spaceEquivalence relation

Question 2: Neither Darwin nor ________, it is true, did self-avowed ecological studies.
Ernst HaeckelMircea EliadeRelationship between religion and scienceFriedrich Nietzsche

Question 3: It was in ________ that Arthur Tansley, the British ecologist, coined the term ecosystem, the interactive system established between the biocoenosis (the group of living creatures), and their biotope, the environment in which they live.

Question 4: These expeditions were joined by many scientists, including botanists, such as the German explorer ________.
MadridGermanyBerlinAlexander von Humboldt

Question 5: Based on his personal observations in Brazilian cerrado, in ________, Norwegian Finnmark and Greenland, Warming gave the first university course in ecological plant geography.

Question 6: He exposed the existing relationships between observed plant species and climate, and described vegetation zones using latitude and ________, a discipline now known as geobotany.
Atmospheric pressureSea levelAltitudeAltimeter

Question 7: One of Humboldt's famous works was "Idea for a Plant Geography" (________).

Question 8: ________ is generally spoken of as a new science, having only become prominent in the second half of the 20th Century.

Question 9: Over the ________, botanical geography and zoogeography combined to form the basis of biogeography.
19th century18th centuryEugène DelacroixRomanticism

Question 10: The term ecologist has been in use since the end of the ________.
18th centuryRomanticism19th centuryEugène Delacroix


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