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History of criminal justice: Quiz


Question 1: Even with offenses as serious as murder, justice was the prerogative of the victim's family and ________ or vendetta the means of protection against criminality.
OmertàCastellammarese WarFeudChicago Outfit

Question 2: On September 29, 1829, the Metropolitan Police Act was passed by Parliament, allowing Sir ________, the then home secretary, to found the London Metropolitan Police.
Robert PeelWinston ChurchillStanley BaldwinBenjamin Disraeli

Question 3: O.W. Wilson, a student of Vollmer, helped reduce corruption and introduce professionalism in Wichita, Kansas, and later in the ________.
Chicago Police DepartmentJon BurgeChicago Public SchoolsChicago Marathon

Question 4: In 1905, the ________ became the first state police agency established in the United States, as recommended by Theodore Roosevelt's Anthracite Strike Commission and Governor Samuel Pennypacker.
Florida Highway PatrolLouisiana State PolicePennsylvania State PoliceAlaska State Troopers

Question 5: What remained was the basic idea many had of the English ________ system.
Reception statuteCommon lawCivil law (legal system)Sharia

Question 6: [3] If necessary, they might have called the ________ for assistance.
Roman EmpirePraetorian prefectPraetorian GuardAugustus

Question 7: Beginning in the ________, policing became a function of clan chiefs and heads of state.
8th century5th century4th century6th century

Question 8: In ________, a group of 300 Scythian slaves was used to guard public meetings to keep order and for crowd control, and also assisted with dealing with criminals, manhandling prisoners, and making arrests.

Question 9: In 1870, with the passage of the ________, the Federal government in the U.S.
Canadian National RailwayInterstate Commerce CommissionUnion Pacific RailroadCanadian Pacific Railway

Question 10: These included mutilation, whipping, branding, and flogging, as well as ________.
TortureCapital punishmentStoningReligion and capital punishment

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