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History of corsets: Quiz


Question 1: A return to waist nipping corsets in 1939 caused a stir in fashion circles but ________ ended their return.
Second Sino-Japanese WarSoviet occupationsWorld War IICollaboration with the Axis Powers during World War II

Question 2: 1859 corset with built-in partial ________

Question 3: In reality, tight corsetting was most likely the cause of indigestion and constipation but rarely the cause for a plethora of ailments associated with tight corsetting at the time ranging from ________ to liver failure.

Question 4: By contrast, corsets intended to exert serious body-shaping force (as in the ________) were "long" (extending down to and beyond the natural waist), laced in back, and stiffened with boning.
United KingdomVictorian eraGeorgian eraEngland

Question 5: Early forms of ________ were introduced and the girdle soon took the place of the corset which was more concerned with reducing the hips rather than the waist.
UndergarmentSlip (clothing)BrassiereBikini

Question 6: Also, the full skirts, ________ and bustles of the 19th century added to the width of the hips to make the waist appear slimmer.

Question 7: It is in the 1840s and 1850s that ________ first became popular.
Fetish modelFetish fashionTightlacingClothing fetish

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