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History of ancient Israel and Judah: Quiz


Question 1: The ________ reports that a total of 4,600 went into exile in Babylon.
Book of DanielBook of IsaiahBook of JeremiahBooks of Kings

Question 2: [7] He does not mention ________, nor is it mentioned in other texts from the time such as the Arad and Kuntillet Arjud ostracons, making it unlikely that the city was a major power at this time.

Question 3: In 132 a second revolt, Bar Kokhba's Revolt, began, led by ________, and an independent state in Israel was declared.
Simon bar KokhbaBar Kochba Revolt coinageFirst Jewish–Roman WarBar Kokhba revolt

Question 4: Large empires lay to the southwest (Egypt) and northeast (Assyria in the 8th-7th centuries BCE, Babylonia in the 6th century, and ________ thereafter).
Alexander the GreatAchaemenid EmpireSassanid EmpireMedes

Question 5: Nevertheless the Temple was rebuilt and rededicated in the sixth year of Darius (516/515 BCE) through the efforts of Nehemiah and ________.

Question 6: ________ (the Torah represent a combination of documents from originally independent sources.)
Biblical criticismBibleHigher criticismDocumentary hypothesis

Question 7: In 64 BCE the Roman general ________ conquered Jerusalem and made the Jewish kingdom a client of Rome.
Alexander the GreatJulius CaesarLucius Cornelius SullaPompey

Question 8: [17] and in 6 CE his successor, Herod Archelaus, ethnarch of Judea, was deposed by the emperor ________ and Samaria, Judea and Idumea annexed as Iudaea Province under direct Roman administration.
DomitianRoman EmperorAugustusTiberius

Question 9: The history of ancient Israel and Judah refers to the ________ kingdoms of Israel (Samaria) and Judah.
Iron Age ChinaIron AgeAncient Near EastLa Tène culture

Question 10: The 9th century ________ also tells of the death of a king of the House of David, although again there is no explicit mention of the name Judah.
Biblical archaeologyHazaelTel Dan SteleOmri

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