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History of Zanzibar: Quiz


Question 1: Hamoud's son and ________, Ali, was educated in Britain.
JapanHeir apparentMonarchyDenmark

Question 2: In 1698, Zanzibar became part of the overseas holdings of ________, falling under the control of the Sultan of Oman.
OmanSaudi ArabiaUnited Arab EmiratesQatar

Question 3: Traces of the communities include objects such as glass beads from around the ________.
Arabian SeaPacific OceanAtlantic OceanIndian Ocean

Question 4: The islands gained independence from Britain in December 1963 as a ________.
Absolute monarchyConstitutional monarchyDemocracyRepublic

Question 5: British rule through a sultan (________) remained largely unchanged.
MalikSassanid EmpireVizierIran

Question 6: Zanzibar's commerce fell increasingly into the hands of traders from the ________, whom Said encouraged to settle on the island.
Indian subcontinentSouth AsiaAsiaAfrica

Question 7: The ________ controlled a substantial portion of the East African coast, known as Zanj, and extensive inland trading routes.
Said bin Sultan, Sultan of Muscat and OmanAnglo-Zanzibar WarList of Sultans of ZanzibarKhalid bin Barghash of Zanzibar

Question 8: It was East Africa's main slave-trading port, and in the 19th century as many as 50,000 slaves were passing through the ________ of Zanzibar each year.
SlaveryRacismAntisemitismUniversal suffrage

Question 9: During the ________, the Portuguese Empire was the first European power to gain control of Zanzibar, and kept it for nearly 200 years.
Age of DiscoveryPortuguese discoveriesMajor explorations after the Age of DiscoverySpanish Empire

Question 10: In 1698 Zanzibar fell under the control of the ________, which developed an economy of trade and cash crops, with a ruling Arab elite.
Saudi ArabiaUnited Arab EmiratesQatarOman

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