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History of Western civilization: Quiz


Question 1: In the end though, France gave in and granted independence, creating Laos, ________, Communist North Vietnam, and South Vietnam.
CambodiaPapua New GuineaCanadaMalaysia

Question 2: The major Western players in this ________ were Britain, France, Germany, Italy, and the United States.
British EmpireNew ImperialismScramble for AfricaCuba

Question 3: Eventually, this organization was renamed the ________ or (EU), and many other nations joined, including Britain, Ireland, and Denmark.
European UnionEuropean ParliamentEuropean integrationGermany

Question 4: The treaties which ended the war, including the famous ________ dealt harshly with Germany and its former allies.
World War ILeague of NationsTreaty of TrianonTreaty of Versailles

Question 5: France and Britain declared war on Germany, ________ had begun.
Soviet occupationsSecond Sino-Japanese WarWorld War IICollaboration with the Axis Powers during World War II

Question 6: They eventually settled in what is today Hungary, converted to Christianity and became the ancestors of the ________.
RussiaEuropeHungarian peopleRomania

Question 7: Italy was dominated by city-states, many of which were nominally part of the ________,and were ruled by wealthy aristocrats like the Medicis, or in some cases, by the pope.
Holy Roman EmpireByzantine EmpireGerman EmpireFrancia

Question 8: Led by their Prime Minister, the defiant ________, the British refused to give up and launched air attacks on Germany.
Margaret ThatcherJoseph StalinWinston ChurchillHarold Macmillan

Question 9: Following World War II, Britain had granted independence to Mesopotamia, which became ________, Kuwait, and Transjordan, which became Jordan.

Question 10: This kingdom also controlled ________ which had previously benn conquored by England, and in 1801 Ireland formally merged with the United Kingdom.
IrelandNorthern IrelandIrish peopleWales

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