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History of Wales: Quiz


Question 1: However the Labour Party was steadily gaining ground, and in the years after the ________ replaced the Liberals as the dominant party in Wales, particularly in the industrial valleys of South Wales.
Armenian GenocideWestern Front (World War I)World War ICaucasus Campaign

Question 2: The new ________ building, to be known as the Senedd, was completed in February 2006 and officially opened on St. David's Day that year.
National Assembly for WalesWelsh Assembly GovernmentPlaid CymruRhodri Morgan

Question 3: The history of Wales begins with the arrival of ________ to the region thousands of years ago.
MindHuman evolutionHomoHuman

Question 4: The Labour Party replaced the Liberal Party as the dominant political force in the 1940s, while the nationalist party ________ gained momentum in the 1960s.
Plaid CymruNational Assembly for WalesWelsh Conservative PartyWelsh Labour

Question 5: These tribes, including the ________ and Saxons, who later became the English, were unable to make inroads into Wales except possibly along the Severn Valley as far as Llanidloes.
Anglo-SaxonsAnglesGermanic peoplesSuebi

Question 6: [28] From the 8th century on, Wales was by far the largest of the three remnant ________ areas in Britain, the other two being the Hen Ogledd and Cornwall.
Celtic languagesCeltic nationsBritons (historical)Celts

Question 7: There was increased support for ________ within the Labour party and a Devolution Bill was introduced in late 1976.
Scottish independenceUnited KingdomNorthern IrelandDevolution

Question 8: In September 1980 the government announced that the channel would after all be set up, and ________ was launched in November 1982.
ITV Wales & WestS4CBBC Cymru WalesChannel 4

Question 9: At the time of the ________ in 43, all peoples in southern Britain were referred to as Britons and spoke the British language.
Roman BritainRoman EmpireBoudicaRoman conquest of Britain

Question 10: This period saw the construction of many chambered tombs particularly ________ or cromlechs.
MenhirDolmenSt Lythans burial chamberCarnac stones

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