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History of Virginia: Quiz


Question 1: After 144 days, the colonists finally arrived in Virginia on April 26, 1607 at the entrance to the ________.
Chesapeake BayDelmarva PeninsulaAllegheny MountainsBlue Ridge Mountains

Question 2: In 2006 former Governor of Virginia ________ gave a speech and interview in the massively multiplayer online game Second Life, becoming the first politician to appear in a video game.
Mark WarnerGeorge VoinovichLamar AlexanderJim Webb

Question 3: President ________ called for a vote in 1869 that included a vote on the Constitution, a separate one on its disfranchisement clause that would have stripped the vote from most former rebels, and a separate vote for state officials.
Theodore RooseveltDwight D. EisenhowerUlysses S. GrantAbraham Lincoln

Question 4: Major conflicts took place with the ________ and another in 1644, both under the leadership of the late Chief Powhatan's younger brother, Chief Opechancanough.
Jamestown, VirginiaMiddle PlantationIndian massacre of 1622John Smith (explorer)

Question 5: As the new nation of the United States of America experienced growing pains and began to speak of ________, Virginia, too, found its role in the young republic to be changing and challenging.
ColonialismJames K. PolkIndian removalManifest Destiny

Question 6: In December, 1606, the London Company dispatched a group of 104 colonists in three ships: the Susan Constant, Godspeed, and Discovery, under the command of Captain ________.
Jamestown, VirginiaHampton RoadsBermudaChristopher Newport

Question 7: He denounced the ________ railroad as too powerful, and called for new Virginia-based railroads that would lead the state to prosperity.
AmtrakNorfolk and Western RailwayWestern Maryland RailwayBaltimore and Ohio Railroad

Question 8: This identification of a cash crop to ________ marked the beginning of Virginia's economic viability.
TradeExportInternational tradeEconomics

Question 9:
When was the History of Virginia?
November 2009
11th century

Question 10: In 1888 the exception to Readjustor and Democratic control was ________, who was elected to Congress from the Petersburg area on the Republican ticket.
John Mercer LangstonVirginiaWashington, D.C.Ohio

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