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Question 1: Also in 1954, ________ forces took over North Vietnam according to the Geneva Accord.
First Indochina WarViet MinhFrench IndochinaHo Chi Minh

Question 2: The Legend of Giong about a youth going to war to save the country, wearing iron armor, riding an armored horse, and wielding an iron staff, showed that ________ was sophisticated.
Metalworking terminologyBrake (sheet metal bending)MetalworkingForging

Question 3: Within French Indochina, Cochin China had the status of a French Colony, Annam was a ________ where the Nguyen Dynasty still ruled in name, and Tonkin had a French Governor with local governments run by Vietnamese officials.
MoroccoProtectorateBritish EmpireFrance

Question 4: ________-detailed map animation of Vietnamese territories occupied by China throughout the past.
History of ChinaHistory of the People's Republic of ChinaHistory of the Republic of ChinaTimeline of Chinese history

Question 5: Human Rights in Vietnam 2006 (________)
Amnesty InternationalHuman Rights WatchUNESCOInternational Criminal Court

Question 6: Officially named An Nam by Chinese ________ since 679 CE.
Tang DynastyMing DynastySong DynastyHan Dynasty

Question 7: During this time, the People's Republic of China and the ________ supported the North while the United States supported the South.
East GermanyRussiaSoviet UnionJoseph Stalin

Question 8: In 1930 the ________ (Comintern) sent Nguyễn Ái Quốc to Hong Kong to coordinate the unification of the parties into the Vietnamese Communist Party with Trần Phú as the first Secretary General.
Left communismCominternMarxismCommunism

Question 9: De Genouilly decided to sail south and captured the poorly defended city of Gia Định (present-day ________).
HanoiVietnamDirect-controlled municipalityHo Chi Minh City

Question 10: From there, goods were taken overland to the rest of China via the regions of modern Kunming and ________.


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