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History of Uttar Pradesh: Quiz


Question 1: The first Saka King in India was ________ or Moga who established Saka power in Gandhara and gradually extended supremacy over north-western India.
MauesGreco-Bactrian KingdomIndo-ScythiansIndo-Greeks

Question 2: Its decline began fifty years after Ashoka's rule ended, and it dissolved in 185 BCE with the foundation of the ________ in Magadha.
Sunga EmpireMaurya EmpireIndo-ScythiansIndo-Greeks

Question 3: The Mughal Empire was an important imperial power in the ________ from the early 16th to the mid-19th centuries.
AfricaAsiaIndian subcontinentSouth Asia

Question 4: The Sultanate suffered from the sacking of Delhi in 1398 by Timur (Tamerlane), and soon other independent Sultanates were established in ________, Bengal, Jaunpur, Gujarat and Malwa.
AwadhBundelkhandUttar PradeshLucknow

Question 5: The Khilji or Khalji dynasty, who had established themselves as rulers of ________ in the time of Muhammad Ghori, took control of the empire in a coup which eliminated the last of the Mamluks.
IndiaWest BengalBengalBangladesh

Question 6: ________ became the virtual centre of artistic excellence in Northern India.
KanpurPilibhitUttar PradeshLucknow

Question 7: Another Buddhist text ________ mentions only first twelve Mahajanapadas and omits the last four in the above list[24].
BuddhismDigha NikayaSamyutta NikayaKhuddaka Nikaya

Question 8: Following a series of set-backs, he succeeded in laying the basis for the ________ which strengthened the Persianate[60] culture of Muslim India.
Pala EmpireMongol EmpireTimurid dynastyMughal Empire

Question 9: In June, sepoys under General Wheeler in Cawnpore, (now known as ________) rebelled and besieged the European entrenchment.

Question 10: The Marathas, ________ and the Awadhis supported Bahadur Shah Zafar and were against the British.
RohillaMughal (tribe)PilibhitRanghar


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