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History of Turkmenistan: Quiz


Question 1: The authoritarian Niyazov, who has assumed the title of "Turkmenbashi", or "Leader of all Turkmen", was accused of developing a totalitarian ________.
Cult of personalityAnti-cult movementAPA Task Force on Deceptive and Indirect Techniques of Persuasion and ControlProject Megiddo

Question 2: In an election on February 11, 2007, ________ was elected president with 89% of the vote and 95% turnout, although the election was condemned by outside observers.
Balysh OvezovGurbanguly BerdimuhamedowMuhammetnazar GapurowSaparmurat Niyazov

Question 3: It was about this time that ________ reached the zenith of her glory.

Question 4: During this early phase of history, the majority of Turkmenistan's inhabitants were either adherents of ________ or Buddhism and the region was largely dominated by Iranian peoples.

Question 5: Draining the Amu-Darya river, it enabled huge areas to be opened for ________ production, but resulted in the destruction of the native riparian tugai forests.

Question 6: 750) declared a new ________ dynasty at Merv, and set out from the city to conquer Iran and Iraq and establish a new capital at Baghdad.
Abbasid CaliphateAkkadian EmpireNeo-Assyrian EmpireIslamic Golden Age

Question 7: The vast majority of inhabitants were converted to the Sunni variant of ________, while the Oghuz brought the Turkic Turkmen language that came to dominate the area.
IslamMuslim historyMosqueIslamic schools and branches

Question 8: Until 1898 Transcaspia was part of the Governor-Generalship of the Caucasus and administered from Tiflis, but in that year it was made an Oblast of Russian Turkestan and governed from ________.

Question 9: This caused considerable discontent amongst the local Turkmen population, as mainly Russian-populated cities such as ________ appeared.

Question 10: In 1885 a crisis was precipitated by the Russian annexation of the Pendjeh oasis, to the south of Merv, on a territory of modern ________, which nearly led to war with Britain 1.
Central Intelligence AgencyNATONon-Aligned MovementAfghanistan


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