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Question 1: Recently, Thailand also has been an active member in the regional ________ (ASEAN), especially after democratic rule was restored in 1992.
Shanghai Cooperation OrganisationASEANUnion of South American NationsSouth Asian Association for Regional Cooperation

Question 2: The finds have been dated from roughly 1,000,000-500,000 years ago in the ________.
Little Ice AgeGlacial periodPleistoceneLast glacial period

Question 3: Although nominally a constitutional monarchy, Thailand was ruled by a series of military governments, most prominently led by ________ and Sarit Dhanarajata, interspersed with brief periods of democracy.
Phot PhahonyothinSarit ThanaratPlaek PibulsonggramPridi Banomyong

Question 4: After the end of the absolute monarchy in 1932, Thailand endured sixty years of almost permanent military rule before the establishment of a ________ elected-government system.
John LockeGottfried LeibnizDemocracyAuthoritarianism

Question 5: On December 8, 1941, a few hours after the attack on Pearl Harbor, ________ demanded the right to move troops across Thailand to the Malayan frontier.
JapanUnited KingdomCambodiaCanada

Question 6: The bass relief at ________ showed a Lavo army as one of the subordinates to Angkor.
Thai temple art and architectureBuddhist artAshoka the GreatAngkor Wat

Question 7: General Chakri succeeded him in 1782 as Rama I, the first king of the ________.
PrajadhipokBhumibol AdulyadejChakri DynastyChulalongkorn

Question 8: The most recent and accurate theory about the origin of the Tai people stipulated that Guangxi province in ________ is really the Tai motherland instead of Yunnan province.
Religion in ChinaTime in ChinaProvince (China)China

Question 9: The revolution of 1973 inaugurated a brief, unstable period of democracy, with military rule being reimposed after the ________.
6 October 1976 Massacre2006 Thai coup d'étatBlack May (1992)2008–2009 Thai political crisis

Question 10: Suryavarman I also expanded into ________, constructing many temples.
IsanBangkokThailandChaiyaphum Province


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