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History of Taiwan: Quiz


Question 1: A border was constructed along the western plain, built using pits and mounds of earth, called "earth cows", to discourage illegal ________.
Mexico CityHong KongJapanLand reclamation

Question 2: The KMT ruled Taiwan under ________ until the late 1980s, with the stated goal of being vigilant against Communist infiltration and preparing to retake mainland China.
PakistanMartial lawIsraelUnited States

Question 3: In a population of around 2.5 million, about 2.3 million were ________ and the remaining two hundred thousand were classified as members of various indigenous tribes.
Han ChineseReligion in ChinaZhonghua minzuChina

Question 4: The fourth group on the other hand were influenced by ________ and fought for the return of Taiwan to Chinese rule.
Zhonghua minzuChinaHan ChineseChinese nationalism

Question 5: In 1661, a naval fleet led by the Ming loyalist ________, arrived in Taiwan to oust the Dutch from Zeelandia and establish a pro-Ming base in Taiwan.

Question 6: By March 1945, the Japanese legislative branch hastily modified election laws to allow Taiwanese representation in the ________.
Congress of the PhilippinesNational Assembly of ThailandDiet of JapanSupreme Assembly of Tajikistan

Question 7: In 1683, following a naval engagement with Admiral Shi Lang, one of Koxinga's father's trusted friends, Koxinga's grandson Zheng Keshuang submitted to ________ control.
Ming DynastyChinaYuan DynastyQing Dynasty

Question 8: As part of the settlement for losing the Sino-Japanese War, The Qing empire ceded the island of Taiwan and Penghu to ________ on 17 April 1895, according to the terms of the Treaty of Shimonoseki.
CambodiaUnited KingdomJapanCanada

Question 9: The KMT ruled Taiwan as a single-party state for forty years, until democratic reforms were mandated during the final year of authoritarian rule under ________.
Mao ZedongChiang Ching-kuoChiang Kai-shekZhou Enlai

Question 10: The validity of the proclamation is subject to some debate, with some supporters of ________ arguing that it is invalid, and that the date only marks the beginning of military occupation that persists to the present.
Chinese reunificationCross-Strait relationsTaiwan independenceKuomintang


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