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Question 1: The British, led by the Duke of Wellington, fought Napoleon's forces in the Peninsular War, with ________ ruling as king at Madrid.
Louis BonaparteNapoleon ILouis Napoléon, Prince ImperialJoseph Bonaparte

Question 2: Ferdinand's death in 1833 and the accession of Isabella (only three years old at the time) as Queen of Spain sparked the ________.
CarlismPeninsular WarFirst Carlist WarRafael Maroto

Question 3: Altogether more than 1,250,000 deaths resulted from the extreme incidence of plague in ________ Spain.
16th century161617th century18th century

Question 4: Spain joined ________ before Calvo-Sotelo left office.
Non-Aligned MovementAfghanistanCentral Intelligence AgencyNATO

Question 5: Faced with the choice of death, conversion, or emigration, many ________ and Christians left.
JewsJewish ethnic divisionsSephardi JewsAntisemitism

Question 6: In the 6th century BC, the ________ arrived in Iberia, struggling first with the Greeks, and shortly after, with the newly-arriving Romans for control of the Western Mediterranean.

Question 7: Great influence was exerted over ________ on Spain's foreign policy.
Philip V of SpainMariana Victoria of SpainElisabeth FarneseCharles III of Spain

Question 8: Meanwhile the ________ kingdoms in the north began the long and slow recovery of the peninsula, a process called the Reconquista, which was concluded in 1492 with the fall of Granada.
Catholic ChurchChristianityJesusChristian

Question 9: It was used as a testing ground for the German Luftwaffe's ________.
Junkers Ju 87Werner MöldersCondor LegionFrancisco Franco

Question 10:
What is Spanish peseta's nickname?
Desert Pirates
El Emperador

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