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History of South India: Quiz


Question 1: Although there are signs that the history dates back to several centuries BCE, we only have any authentic archeological evidence from the early centuries of the ________.
Julian calendarGregorian calendarCalendar eraCommon Era

Question 2: The ________ were a great south Indian dynasty who ruled between the third century CE until their final decline in the ninth century CE.
PallavaSatavahana dynastyChalukya dynastyChola Dynasty

Question 3: In Madurai, ________ was the most famous Nayak ruler.
Madurai Nayak DynastyMangammalChokkanatha NayakThirumalai Nayak

Question 4: Qutb Shahi dominance of the region continued until the middle of the 17th century, when the Mughals under ________ made determined inroads into the Deccan.
Mughal EmpireAurangzebMughal emperorsAkbar the Great

Question 5: The Tanjavur Nayak kings were notable for their contribution to Arts and ________.
Charles Phillip BrownIndiaTelugu literatureAstadiggajas

Question 6: The empire reached its peak under ________.
Somesvara IVikramaditya VIChola DynastyWestern Chalukya Empire

Question 7: Pallavas and ________ dominmated the souther regions of South India between the sixth and the ninth centuries CE..
Chola DynastyMaurya EmpireChera DynastyPandyan Dynasty

Question 8: By the early sixteenth century, the Bahmani empire fragmented into five different kingdoms based in ________, Berar, Bidar, Bijapur and Golconda, together called the Deccan Sultanates.

Question 9: ________ in Thanjavur is a fine example and has been listed as one of the United Nation's World Heritage sites.
Mahabodhi TempleElephanta CavesBrihadeeswarar templeAiravatesvara Temple

Question 10: The British created the Madras Presidency which covered most of south India directly administered by the ________, and divided the rest into a number of dependent princely states.
British RajBengal PresidencyBritish EmpireNorth Borneo


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