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Question 1: The first challenge faced by the Government of Sindh was the settlement of ________ refugees.

Question 2: Sindh has been known by various names in the past, the name Sindh comes from the ________.
Iranian peoplesIndo-Aryan peoplesIndo-Aryan migrationIndo-Iranians

Question 3: Nearly 7 million Muslims from India migrated to Pakistan while nearly equal number of ________ and Sikhs from Pakistan migrated to India.

Question 4:

________'s ancient royal history Rajatarangini has many references to Sindh and the Sindhis.
Jammu and KashmirJammuKashmirSrinagar

Question 5: The Sindh assembly was the first British Indian legislature to pass the resolution in favour of ________.

Question 6: ________'s ancestor Raghu's triumphant horses had relaxed on the banks of the Sindhu.

Question 7: The metropolis of ________, near Larkana, is largest Indus city so far discovered in Sindh.

Question 8: In ancient ________, the word for cotton was Sindh denoting that the bulk of that civilizations cotton was predominantly imported from the Indus Valley Civilization.

Question 9: The empire was usurped later by Brahman dynasties, whose unpopularitiy was a contributing factor to later ________ conquest.
IraqSyriaArab peoplePalestinian people

Question 10: The Veda refers to the ________ only twice; but it makes as many as thirty references to the Sindhu.
Indus RiverGangesBhagirathi RiverYamuna


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